Once upon a time there was an incredible variety of Beautiful Italian fabrics... wool, silk, linen, cotton, viscose, cashmere and many, many others; plain or patterned, with the widest range of weaves: gabardine, flannel, jersey, chambray, satin, poplin... dozens of pages would not be enough to list them all.

This army of fabrics created and produced by the most excellent Italian factories, became ready to serve the creations of the most famous Designers in the world; infused with the Made in Italy essence, they immediately became the protagonists of every high fashion catwalk, from Paris to Milan, from London to New York, transforming themselves into elegant suits, skirts, shirts, jackets, coats, scarves, hats and more and more!

Praised by fashion magazines for the richness of their colors and the beauty of their nuances, worn by the most famous actors, rock stars, artists, models and even kings and queens, destined to populate the wardrobes of the whole world, these fabrics lived happily ever after.

 But some of them were not so lucky....

Hundreds of meters of those wonderful fabrics, for many different reasons,overproduction,slightly different colors or smaller budgets in the final production, could not be used,for , and remained locked in some mills' warehouse or fashion houses deposits . And every year that history repeated itself: they were joined by more and more thousands meters of new unused fabrics produced by the never stopping textile industry.

For these beautiful fabrics there was unfortunately no happy ending, but being incenerated or discharged and dumped and let them  to pollute, and that's what happened  Until now.

At Tosca Italian Fabrics & Denim we otherwise believe that this story can be rewritten, by selecting and reintroducing these fabrics into the market, giving them a new chance to be reused.

Thanks to your imagination, your taste, your sartorial skills, these fabrics will get a new life and as in a fairy tale, will  relive happily ever after!


Tosca Italian Fabrics & Denim is a company based in Prato, a city known all over the world since the Middle age for the production and trade of fine quality fabrics. The importance of the textile industry for the municipality of Prato is do strong that the Prato's Textile Museum, is undoubtedly one of the most important museum in the world for the history and development of textiles.

Tosca Italian Fabrics & Denim is made up not only of qualified textile professionals with more than thirty years of experience, but also of fashion and architecture experts who will be able to advise you about your purchases and  the use of the fabrics we sell.

In our webshop we are pleased to offer you a wide range of fabrics of all kinds along with a knowledge that has been handed down for generations, from our grandfather to our father who have studied at the prestigious Tullio Buzzi technical institute, founded in 1886 as the Royal School for Textile and Dyeing Industries ,the backbone of our  industry ,that  keeps constantly up with the evolving market.

At Tosca Italian Fabrics & Denim  you will find a wide range of fabrics that can be purchased by the meter or in bulk, ready to be shipped worldwide!


A closer look at what mainstream designers and webshops offer in the global marketplace reveals an unsettling and sad fact: the increasing use of synthetic textile fibers.

The production of synthetic fabrics is considered to be one the main source of  pollution ,being petrol the base in their compositions . Through each industrial washings, thousands of invisible synthetic fibres end up in our sewage networks, ending  in the sea, where they are eventually  ingested or absorbed by the fish fauna, consequently affecting our already weak food chain.

This is too heavy a burden to bear, first of all for the environment and for people's health, but also for many workers in the sector who are subjected to gruelling working hours and conditions, compensated with starvation wages to keep garment prices low and competitive.

Tosca Italian Fabrics & Denim has a Mission to be attentive to sustainability and we will  keep offering a vast range of articles with a low environmental impact, most of which are made from valuable recyclable fibers.


At the end of each production season for fashion houses and mills, a small amount of fabric inevitably remains unused.

This occurs due to both overproduction and unpredictable design changes by marketing departments.

Despite their beauty and quality, these fabrics are often destined to remain unused, creating a real logistical problem as well as environmental and financial issues.

At Tosca Italian Fabrics we select and purchase these fabrics and put them back on the market, giving them a new chance to be used: thanks to your imagination,your fantasy and sartorial skills, these fabrics will reborn and you'll have the chance of giving them a new cool life!


Tosca Italian Fabrics & Denim is formed by qualified textile professionals with thirty years of experience and experts in fashion and architecture.

Tosca Italian Fabrics & Denim is an online store that will  guide you  choosing the best fabrics ,fabrics and cloth that will unchain your imagination and fantasy to create either your clothes or your home decore, while maintaining that right touch of uniqueness and enviromental awarness!

Buy with confidence on Tosca Italian Fabrics & Denim.