This natural and fluffy fiber comes from a specific plant of the Gossipyum family, that comes itself from the broader family of the Malvaceae.
Since ancient times, cotton has been cultivated and harvested in Asia, Africa and America and nowadays, thanks to its easy care and freshness, is the most used fiber worldwide, the easiest to wear and the number one fabric to be found in our closets.
Historically, due to its high demand, cotton could be considered as responsible for many events that changed the world, starting big migrations and revolutions. It was for cotton and the search for cheap labor that millions of Africans were deported in captivity to the Americas and it was to free those slaves that the American Civil War started. All has been done in the past centuries to have control and free trade over those innocuous, but highly prized white pads.
Today in a more comfortable, luckily and more peaceful way, cotton still dresses our lives.
Denim, Jersey, Popelin, Chambray, Velvets, Sponge, Fleece, are just some examples of the fabrics for clothing obtained by this precious fiber, but also fishing nets, curtains and as strange as it sounds, don’t be surprised to find it as one of the basic elements to produce banknotes or even explosives when combined with cellulose!
At Tosca Italian Fabrics & Denim you will find a vast assortment of cotton some of them sourced from organic farms, plains or printed, denim or jerseys, to buy in small or wholesale quantities, ready to be shipped all over the world.

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