Before listing all the characteristics of linen it is necessary to remember that the use of this noble fiber goes back to the dawn of civilization. Pieces of linen were found by archaeologists dating back 8000 years BC. In ancient Egypt, linen was used not only as clothing but also to wrap their mummies, and the Phoenicians were for centuries the main traders exporting it to all the corners of the known world of those days.
Linen comes from a plant “linen usitatissimum”, originally from Asia Minor, it has a stem 40 to 70 cm high, which contains a 70% of cellulose. Nowadays linen, thanks to its resistance, breathability, coolness and sustainability finds a lot of applications in the clothing and upholstery industries.
At Tosca Italian Fabrics & Denim we firmly believe that linen is one of the best choices for summer, an absolute must-have when you look for timeless elegance, so much that even those wrinkles that naturally form as you wear it, are a sign of style and self-assurance.

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