Cashmere is perhaps the most renowned and precious natural fiber in the textile universe.
This fiber is obtained from the undercoat of a particular goat species, Hyrcus, native to the mountainous regions of Asia that lives in the Tibetan highlands, in the Himalayan region and in Mongolia.
Its wool is the great feature that allows this goat to survive at low temperatures up to -40 degrees and more than 4000 meters altitudes. The duvet, the coat closest to the body and therefore warmer and softer, is the one used to be spun and produce cashmere. From here we get the pleasant and wonderful sensation of softness, lightness and warmness when we wrap ourselves in cashmere garments ... perhaps the same sensation that surprised Marco Polo during his long journey in the thirteenth century, to the mysterious China in the 13th Century.
At Tosca Italian Fabrics & Denim you’ll find a range of pure and mixed cashmere cloths to buy in small and wholesale quantities, ready to be shipped all over the world.

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